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An explanation of some terms, abbreviations and names:

1. Costumer is every site visitor of the online shop
2. The trader is a limited liability company “Bukgotik” LTD with national statistic number 202206887 with headquarters an management: Plovdiv city, 93 Pere Toshev street, represented by Milen Ivanov dealing with trade via the online shop
3. The online shop is a platform for internet trade, made as a programe code, a mixture of internet pages collected in an internet site with a unique address
4. For the purposes of the current conditions the phrases online shop and are interchangeable and refer to the online shop with unique address managed by the trader.
5. This document contains the General conditions of the contract for the use of the services, delivered to the costumers of the online shop provided by the trader and regulates the legal dealings between “Bukgotik” LTD and the costumers of the online shop.

General conditions for the costumers

1.Everycostumer of by typing the address of the site or any action done- visiting the website and not only, clicking on a link, picture or active element of the menus of the platform for internet trade, makes a statement giving their agreement with the current general conditions of the site.
2. Every costumer of this online shop who wants to buy goods from the trader via the platform for online shopping is expected to make a registration with a username and password and also share information that is marked as obligatory in the registration form
3. Accepting the current Costumers conditions, who has registered their username and password give permission for their Personal information ( including username and password) to be treated by the trader when there is a delivery of goods or services and for sending or receiving information about new products, goods or services.
4. “Bukgotik” LTD keeps the right to change these conditions

General conditions about buying products

1. Buying a product via the costumer makes a contract of delivery with the trader
1.1 Making a contract is a sequence of actions done by the costumer via the interface provided by the trader. After making their choice the costumer inform themselves about the products that they have ordered, their quantity, pricing and final price. If they want to make corrections on their order, the costumer has a correction button in the interface especially for this purpose. The costumer makes their choice about the type and the quantity of the goods that they order by activity on the interface they have been given.
1.2 Deliverer according to the contract is th trader- “Bulgotrik” LTD company, with national statistic number 202206887, headquarters and management: Plovdiv city, 93 Pere Toshev street, represented by Milen Ivanov.
1.3 Costumer is every person who has made a registration in, managed and owned by the Trader, and made an order by filling a request.
2.The object of the contact is a product with its own individual characteristics: price, size, type of printing, type of clothes.
3.The price of the final product is calculated automatically through algorithm provided by the Trader
3.1 Paying the price is through cash on delivery of the courier company making the delivery , mentioned by the trader. The price of delivery is paid by the Trader
4. The delivery is by a courier no later than five to eight days. The trader is responsible for any delay of the courier.
5. The contract is valid after the costumer confirms the order with an action done on the interface for online trade of
6. The costumer receives a confirmation on their e-mail containing the type, quality and prices of the goods they have ordered from the online shop
7. The trader does not keep a paper contract.
8. The trader has the right to resign without owing any compensations or defaults and without giving a reason in 7-day period counted from the date on which the costumer has received the stock, the cost for returning the product are paid by the Costumer. In this case the labels, the stickers, he wrapping and the package and the product itself must be kept undamaged.

Steps to follow when making a choice and buying a product

1. After entering the platform as a registered costumer you can choose any item clicking on a picture or the menus from the interface after which you are on an individual page for each item.
2. On this page you can individualize the stock due to your own preferences, size and quality in accordance with the items in stock.
3. After making this selection you go on pressing the button “Add to the basket” thus the online platform adds to the list of wanted products the last one you have individualized.
4. After finishing with the items you have to go to the basket. This is the last list of products individualized by you. . Here you have the option to check the products you have chosen. You can delete the ones you don’t want or add more of the ones you have individualized. Go ahead and press “Pay” button.
5. “Step 2”is to chose the address on which to send the item/ items you have chosen and you go on with the button “Continue”.
6. The next step is to select the way of delivery after which you press continue.
7. In “Pay” section there is only one option- cash on delivery. New methods will be available soon. In this section you have to agree with the general conditions of use of the platform after you have read them.
8. In the last step you are given generalized information about the type, quality of items, their individual and total price, the way of delivery and the method you have chosen. Pressing the button “Confirm” you give your final agreement to make a contract of delivery according to line 5, part 2 General conditions for buying products from the general conditions for use of the site.

Information about delivery
To any place in Bulgaria, no matter what quantity!

The preferred Bulgarian brand.
Absolutely authentic models.
The model of Art by Evil are authentic and you can find them only in the online shop
High quality made in Bulgaria. The t-shirts Art by Evil are made and printed in Bulgaria, they are delivered in original package and protected with hologram stickers.
Free delivery for Bulgaria
Touch the evil with fee delivery to any place in Bulgaria, no matter the quantity.

For the countries of the EU delivery cost is 6 Euro included VAT. For orders outside the EU, please send a request to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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