Terms of use

Personal information security
Keeping and treatment of personal information

1. “BULGOTRIK” LTD takes care and is responsible for customer’s information that it has been given an access to during the registration- an object of the current General conditions, except for the cases of uncontrollable force, an accident or mischievous actions of other people.
2. In the registration form that the consumer fills in, “BULGOTRIK” LTD points whether giving personal information is obligatory or optional and also informs what the consequences would be, if the consumer refuses to share information. Accepting these conditions of keeping and treatment of personal information, the consumer consents that their information will be treated as provided. The consumer profile created for the first registration has its settings that give an access to the personal information given by the costumer. After the registration the costumer, if they want to, has the right and the option to change the settings by understanding, to restrict or block the access to their personal information.
3. The restrictions in line 1 are not applied if the costumer or people controlled by them has done mischievous actions according to the current General conditions, or has violated the rights or the legal interests of other people. In this case “BULGOTRIK” LTD has the legal right to give the costumer’s personal information to the legal governmental authorities in accordance with the legislation.
4. “BULGOTRIK” LTD stores and uses the information of the costumers only for the purposes provided for in the General conditions for the use of the site and the current conditions. The purposes described, for which the information is used , are not mentioned in details and “BULGOTRIK” LTD is free of any charges.
5. Accepting the current conditions the costumer gives their agreement for the treatment of their personal information necessary for the distance delivery contact.
6. Accepting the current conditions the costumer agrees that their personal information, declared as public in their personal profile, will be used and spread by “BULGOTRIK” LTD for the purposes of the direct marketing, except for the cases when they declare that it is prohibited.
7. “BULGOTRIK” LTD is obliged not to deliver any personal information about the costumer to state authorities, companies and private individuals etc., except for these situations:

- when the customer’s agreement has been declared at the moment of registration or later,
- the information is wanted by state institutions or officials that according the law has the right to demand and store such information when they follow the standard procedures
- other cases mentioned in the law

8. Making a registration in the costumer agrees to be sent personal, advertising, or other commercial messages on the e-mail by “BULGOTRIK” LTD.
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